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A week of learning which are the top 5 first foods that babies never say no to, which are both nutritious and healthy. 5 ways to vary them so that you’ll never run out of ideas. Everything is based on a simple framework I talk about in my full First Foods Bootcamp course, details of which are coming soon!

* Enrollment closes July 5.


Day 1 – The simplest, yet most effective staple

Day 2 – One of these a day keeps the doctor away

Day 3 – The Italians have the secret to first foods

Day 4 – And they know the secret to finger foods too

Day 5 – It’s a piece of cake!

Day 6 – Wrapping things up… or not?

First Foods Mini-Course is a free course, via email

It’s a series of emails spread across one week, that is meant to teach you what is possible with minimum effort, easy and available ingredients and the most basic of food. It is meant to help busy, overwhelmed parents, worried grandparents that take over the cooking and meal prepping sometimes, but also carers and why not childminders or babysitters who would like to know more about first foods.

The emails are based on a framework I teach over in my full course, First Foods Bootcamp, but purchase of that course is not necessary to go through these emails.

First Foods is taught by Jo Azoica

I am a mom of one 20 month old girl called Emma, and soon baby boy at the end of July 2018. I have struggled with weaning and food and want to help parents on their journey to give their little ones a healthy start in life. My flagship course is First Foods Bootcamp and you can follow me on Pinterest and Instagram @weaningful.
Jo Azoica
Mom, wife, blogger and baby food addict

First Foods Mini-Course enrollment deadline is July 5

As I am preparing for the birth of my second, this mini-course is open just for a limited time only and I am not sure when I am going to open it again. I might decide not to offer it again, or maybe not for free. Don’t miss the chance to enroll.

First Foods Mini-Course is free

There is no cost associated to this mini-course, and even though it is based on a framework that I talk about in my full paid course, the latter is not required to complete this email course.

First Foods Mini-Course is part of Weaningful’s email list

If you are signed up to receive communications from, you are already enrolled in this mini-course, which is a special series.

If all of this sounds good, I’ll see you on the inside. You can address any questions or concerns at

* Enrollment closes July 5.