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Master first foods in 5 days!

You don’t know where to begin with first foods for your little one

You want to know what a balanced an nutritious meal means

You wish you had more variety in the meals you’re serving your little one

THEN JOIN ME AND FIND OUT what foods babies never say no to and how to vary the ones they enjoy most!


Lesson 1 – The simplest, yet most effective staple 

Lesson 2 – One of these a day keeps the doctor away

Lesson 3 – Italians know the secret to first foods

Lesson 4 – And they know the secret to finger foods too

Lesson 5 – It’s a piece of cake!

I am a mom of one 22 month old girl and newborn baby boy. I have struggled with weaning and first foods and want to help parents on their journey to give their little ones a healthy start in life. You can follow me on Pinterest and Instagram @weaningful.
Jo Azoica
Mom, wife, blogger and baby food addict

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