There’s nothing like your partner asking for the 17th time “Are you going to do something with that broccoli at the back of the fridge?”.

I’ve put together an in-depth blog post that walks you through 10 basic cooking techniques that you can start with today, for more variety and less waste.

first foods for babies

Starting solids (and even feeding older kids) is an adventure.

Going from cooking for yourself (and spouse) to cooking for a little one is a challenge not many are ready to face.

I was one mom who believed baby cereal is the thing to start with and babies are not ready for something else at 6 months.

But soon I came to read more about weaning methods and what constitutes a rich and nutritious diet for little ones.

I started this blog to spread the word on good feeding practices.

It’s turned into more of a website of curated resources to help parents make the most of their weaning journey (and beyond).

I wanted to make weaning meaningful. 

That’s how Weaningful came to be.

Where to go from here