11 delicious kid friendly Easter recipes


Another holiday spent eating, drinking and generally forgetting why you’re celebrating it.

It’s a shame, really, that it has turned into a business for some and an excuse for others.

In the hope that this year you might be doing things differently and try not to feed your little one chocolate eggs and whatnot, I bring you a list of recipes for your inspiration. Or if you’re going for chocolate, check out this recipe for a baby friendly approach.

Some recipes might have to be adapted, so make sure to read my notes alongside the links. Just like I did for Halloween. I should have researched more for that post and surely I could have found better recipes.

If you think of Easter, what does come to mind?

I can think of Christ on the cross, Resurrection, eggs, chocolate, Easter bunny (!!!), grass, spring, carrots… and that’s about it.

So don’t be surprised if the recipes below bear some connection to the above.

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11 recipes to try this Easter - baby friendly, toddler approved and healthy

11 Easter recipes for kids - healthy, baby and toddler friendly

11 kid friendly Easter recipes that you can try

1. Carrot muffins

It makes sense to start with one of my own posts. And this is my number 1 post in Google search, so have to give it some credit.

It’s perfect for baby led weaning, and I guess that’s part of the reason it does so well in search engines.

Or it might be the fact that it’s from the number 1 book on baby led weaning recipes.


2. Hard boiled egg chicks

You’d better read these notes on this recipe.

Omit the mayo. Not good for babies and doesn’t do older kids much good either.

Just scoop the yolk after you’ve boiled the eggs, mix with whatever veggies you want to “hide” in them (cause, yeah, who doesn’t hide veggies nowadays?) and put the mixture back in. Decorate with whatever contrasts well.


3. Easter bunny pancakes

Since the one above was about decorating, let’s stay in theme and decorate some breakfast pancakes, either using this link as reference (just swap the cheese with some carrot strips for example) or this link for a funnier perspective.


4. Hard boiled egg chicks

Yes, another egg recipe, but hang in there, it will be over soon.

This one is slightly easier than number 2, in the sense that no scooping is involved, just cutting.


5. Easter sweet potato biscuits

You’ll have to watch the video for the recipe and also get some Easter cookie cutters, like these ones for example.

I think they’re cute, and you can never have enough cookie cutters in the kitchen. Somehow they always get lost…

6. Easter pancake pizza

Now, read the notes: start with your basic pancake recipe, use an egg shaped cookie cutter to cut the pancake after it’s done and then decorate, using this link as inspiration.


7. Soft carrot cookies

Dairy free, freezer friendly and good for babies without teeth too (even though they can still eat about anything; gums are powerful, but you already knew that, I hope).


8. Easter egg popsicles

Now this is a good one for teething babies or toddlers, as it comes straight from the freezer. You will need an Easter egg silicone mould and lollipop/cake pop sticks. You can omit the granola altogether, not sure what’s its purpose anyway, since they freeze well without it too.

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9. Easter oatmeal bunny

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like a good bowl of porridge/oatmeal?

If your little one doesn’t, or has a gluten allergy, you can try making this with the cereal I mention last in this post right here


10. Easter eggs hummus toast

Now this one is easy. Grab some bread, cut it into an egg shape, spread some hummus on top and then decorate with veggies of choice. Try to make it look like an Easter egg, if you can.

Perfect vegan option.


11. Easter sandwich

Since we’re on the topic of toast, grab some, spread your little one’s favorite nut butter and then decorate with fruit.

It’s the perfect Easter breakfast.


So this is my round-up post for Easter, saving you some time, I hope, and keeping the little ones away from chocolate.

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