Learn to cook for your kid using minimum ingredients.

Making your little one’s meals from scratch should be stress-free.

 And it shouldn’t involve fancy knife skills or 34802 ingredients in your fridge.

In the Internet age where Pinterest and Instagram are the new Grandma’s cooking notebook and everybody seems to share their latest food creations online, it’s easy to get lost or fall down the rabbit hole of pretty recipes and beautifully designed plates.

But how about going back to the roots of minimal cooking and simple ingredients that make our lives easier?

After all, it’s just food, right?

Discover how to cook with less so you have more time for what is really important.

3 ingredients baby led weaning cookbook

3 ingredients - simple recipes for little ones

From 6 months+ to toddlerhood and beyond, these are simple meal ideas that you can throw together last minute so that you can focus more on meal time rather than cooking time.

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This easy scones recipe is baby friendly from 6 months+ and easy to make in no time

The recipes from Joanna’s cookbook are a lifesaver! Last week after getting home from work to an empty pantry and fridge, I looked up one of her recipes that used ingredients I had in hand. I opted for pancakes. Super quick and easy, my kids loved them (as did my picky husband!), and I felt good knowing that we were eating simple ingredients. I can’t wait to try all of the other recipes.

Jen Pembleton

With two kids and no nanny or help from relatives, you really start to think if you need that extra pinch of pepper on your roast, or you’d rather toss everything in the oven and fingers crossed you remember to turn it off (let alone hear the alarm). So things are in short supply, especially time.

And the thing you need the least is a screaming toddler asking for a red apple instead of a green one and a crying baby who is upset his sister won’t give him a bite. 

You can do 3 ingredients without taking any chances and still make nutritious food. 

What's inside?

PDF with 36 recipes

Clear instructions and photography to guide even beginner cooks.

Tips for variation

How to vary the base recipe to make the most out of each ingredient.


Both metric and imperial so you don't waste time converting.

My go-to recipes

What to cook when you run out of bread and meat and kids need their carbs and iron. Plus others that will have your child licking the highchair table when you take his plate away.

Shopping list

To make sure you have everything you need (hint: you probably already do).

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Got questions?

Absolutely not. Even if you’re going the traditional route with purees, at some point you will start introducing table foods, at which point this ebook can be a source of inspiration.

This is the only 3 ingredients book tailored for little ones. Trust me, I’ve searched. No sugar (or alternatives) or salt in any of the recipes. 

Due to the digital nature of this cookbook, the purchase you make is final and I cannot process a refund for you.

No, nobody can guarantee that for you and those who do usually are liars. Your job is to provide the food, not make them eat it. Google “division of responsibility in feeding” and you’ll see what I mean.

Yes, all except one. And that’s because the way the apple is cut.

When you let go of the stress, then you will have more time to enjoy what matters most.

Buy "3 ingredients" now so that you can cook simple and nutritious meals for your little one.

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