Don’t you wish cooking for your little one stopped feeling like a full-time job?

How about breakfast, lunch or dinner in 30 minutes or less? Yes, please.

Happy tummies and more time to put your feet up with a good book? Also yes, please.

Now, an easier way to save time spent in the kitchen.

3 ingredients baby led weaning cookbook

“3 ingredients – simple recipes for little ones” is the shortcut for meals that take less, while giving you more.

More time to get out and do things, instead of scrolling Pinterest or Instagram for recipes. Or going to the supermarket to buy 10 ingredients that you won’t use ever again anyway.

My name is Ioana and I’m a mom of 2 little monkeys that take more time out of my day than ever before. 

Since 2017, I’ve seen the struggles you face. They are the same as mine.

  • Spending hours cooking complicated things and later facing a picky toddler who just wants to eat … yogurt.
  • Researching the next big thing on the Internet, trying to find a recipe that’s not too salty, not too sweet and still nutritious and filling, while I could have been outside playing in the garden with the kids.

And here I was all this time, thinking: “My grandma didn’t have all these fancy ingredients. And she was fine.”

Then it hit me.

She cooked simply. 

And you can do it too.

Sometimes, all it takes is 3 ingredients. And look at what yummy things you can make.

This easy scones recipe is baby friendly from 6 months+ and easy to make in no time

Ok, you’re worried about variety.

3 ingredients don’t sound like much, so you’re probably thinking if your little one will get all the nutrients he needs.

I’ve covered all the major food groups in the 39 recipes included in the book, so your child will have everything he needs to grow and strive.

He's a picky eater, you say?

I have included variation ideas or ingredient swaps for the days when your little one seems like he needs something new.

Also, you can mix and match and serve the food however you want. I won’t judge if you give him the broccoli falafels with the sparkling muffins.

In fact, there aren’t only 39 recipes in this ebook. With the variations, you could have 100 options to choose from.

If the broccoli falafels sound intriguing...

I've unlocked two of the recipes from the book, so you can have a go before you actually buy anything.

And don’t take my word for it, here’s what a lovely mum had to say about my book

The recipes from Joanna’s cookbook are a lifesaver! Last week after getting home from work to an empty pantry and fridge, I looked up one of her recipes that used ingredients I had in hand. I opted for pancakes. Super quick and easy, my kids loved them (as did my picky husband!), and I felt good knowing that we were eating simple ingredients. I can’t wait to try all of the other recipes.

Jen Pembleton

I’ll make you a deal.

If you don’t like the ebook, email me within 14 days of buying at and I’ll refund you. No questions asked. Because if I can’t deliver something that helps you, then you’re totally right to want your money back.

And don’t worry about remembering to buy an ingredient or two. I’ve written up a shopping list of all you need to start cooking now. Hint: you probably have everything already.

With all recipes (but one) suitable from 6 months +, the only difficult thing after you buy this is to choose which one to make first.

Pay with card. All major ones accepted.:) 

You will receive an email confirmation with the link to download your ebook.

P.S. If you don’t like digital books, that’s ok. I’ve made it easy to print at home. In your word processor, just select the odd pages (5,7,9 and so on) and you’ll have only the text printed so you can bind the pages into a book if you want to.