7 Instagram accounts which make cooking for your kids easier

I was in the Instagram game for quite a lot of time and managed to increase my follower count to…

…a little over 2,700.

(I think you were expecting more than that.)

The truth is… I gave up on Instagram because the food niche is just so competitive and I don’t have the passion or the time to invest in it anymore.

Now, when it comes to baby led weaning Instagram accounts… well… they’re a lot. And that just to put it nicely.

If you search, just the baby led weaning hashtag returns over 1 million results.

So it’s a popular topic and it’s crowded in there.

There are some accounts which I loved interacting with and this is a list of those. Mums who shared their journey through the good, the bad and the ugly.

Accounts who tried to give tips, tricks, quick-way-outs to moments when you just. Can’t. Cook. Anymore. Snacks.

I hope you find them as fun and useful as I did and I hope their journey continues even after their kids have long grown up.

Note: It’s hard to separate feeling inspired and feeling guilty of not being enough for your own child(ren). I’ve been there. Moments when I thought I wasn’t doing enough, when I was comparing myself to everyone else on Instagram, thinking I could never do that. It’s hard to detach yourself from social media and just consume content, rather than compare. So please, please, have a look at these accounts through the eyes of a mother who wants to try a new recipe for a change, or have a laugh, or just for ideas. Don’t go where comparisonitis lingers.

The number 1 baby led weaning Instagram account (at least according to me)

Hannah's is one of the baby led weaning Instagram accounts I followed from the very beginning

I’ve talked to Hannah from @baby_led_eating a couple of times throughout the years.

We share the love for sourdough bread and baking in general and she also has two lovely kids just like me.

Her posts might not be the prettiest or the most styled, but they represent her reality and her cooking style.

No fluff, just helpful posts.

I do hope you give her a follow. She’s grown slowly but steadily and she has 130k followers now.

Closely followed at number 2 on Instagram by….

Paula @mancarea_sugubatului Instagram account feed

Paula from @mancarea_sugubatului has a very colourful feed.

She’s also a nutritionist now and gives mums advice on how to eat healthier and get back to good eating habits at the same time.

I’ve also found her recipes very down to earth and she does spend more time on food photography and styling these days.

She writes in Romanian, but thank God for Instagram’s translation tool. If that fails, she can happily help with a recipe if need be.

I loved her series on how to prep various foods for babies when they’re just starting out solids.

Another favourite Instagram account with baby food (and not only)


Robyn from @atmrsjoneskitchen is simply an expert in food photography and recipe development.

Her account is more family friendly than the others, so you might find recipes with sugar in there. Adjust accordingly or ask her what an alternative would be if you have a baby or toddler.

She has improved so much estethically and her feed is a joy to look at. And swoon over.

She recently moved house in Australia and I honestly don’t know how she juggles everything.

A friendly Instagram account with tasty toddler foods


India from @whatwolfwants is one of the moms which decided to leave her Instagram account open, despite not posting there anymore.

Why do I recommend her then?

Because she has a beautiful collection of posts and recipes which are nutritious and balanced. She shared family snaps as well and I think she was very brave sharing her IVF journey in parrallel.

Wolf, her first born, was simply such good fun to watch and hear.

India also shared some Montessori inspired posts on her feed, if you’re interested in that.

A baby led weaning Instagram account with its own app and book


Jo from @babyledkitchen shares the same first name as me, but that’s not why she made it on this list.

She’s one of the most down-to-earth persons on the platform, with three kids and a mobile house.

The great thing about her is that she managed to launch a bestselling app for iPhone and Android and write a book launching in May this year.

If those are not great reasons to be in the top baby led weaning IG accounts than I don’t know what is.

An Instagram account for bold, tasty and healthy foods from 6 months and up

A baby led weaning instagram account with bold, tasty foods from 6 months and up

Manu’s @two_hungry_little_brothers feed just makes me want to lick the screen.

Her captions are always a source of entertainment and wisdom, so be sure to read them.

Use the translate function as she writes in Romanian. But send her a message if you get stuck.

I’ve always admired how diverse her recipes are. At some point though, she was known as the “Queen of biscuits”.

She uses Reels too, so it’s always good to have videos to guide a recipe.

For kids with allergies, take inspiration from this Instagram account


Neelam from @feedinglittleman has a story to tell and her Instagram account is full of ideas for little oness who can’t have nuts, dairy or eggs.

I haven’t followed her closely for the past year, but I know how much she’s been through with her now 4 year old boy.

Allergy mums really do better research and I’m sure you’ll agree her posts are everything one looks for.

And with that, I wrap up this post full of beautiful and hard working mammas who turned to Instagram to document their weaning journeys.

If you want to read more on this topic, I have a blog post about mums who turned to blogging as a way to share their baby led weaning experiences with the world.

Happy reading and happy Instagram scrolling!

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