I almost called this blog ditchthebabycereal.com. I am that obsessed with baby nutrition.


And I believe every parent out there has the ability to cook healthy food for their little one(s), using easy ingredients and not browsing Pinterest or Instagram each day. We need to put our phones down, not pick them up for yet another scroll.


We often fall down the rabbit hole searching for the next recipe out there, the next trend in feeding our children and we yearn to be part of communities where everybody knows everything yet nothing concrete.


My mission is to make this blog into the one stop resource for everything related to starting solids, so you don’t have to search Google for how to make your baby drink from a cup.


There will be recipes, yes, but take them as a starting point in building your own. 


Yes, you can cook.


Yes, you don’t need exact measurements. 


But first, you need the confidence to know you are enough and the size of your pantry (or fridge) doesn’t tell everybody else how great your cooking skills are.


At the end of the day, our babies and toddlers will grow up.


It’s our duty to make their journey smoother and healthier from the get go.


If that sounds good to you, great! Let me show you around.