About me


I almost called this blog ditchthebabycereal.com

I am that passionate about baby nutrition, food labels and healthy eating. I don't consider myself a purist, far from it. But as long as I can pay attention to what my baby eats, I will.

Hello, my name is Jo. Nice to meet you!

I have a little girl, Emma. She is now almost one year old and trust me, I've seen and read too much text in these past 12 months that I decided to start a blog and let others know about my findings and struggles (cause yeah, I had those).

So if you want to follow along, scroll down to get a FREEBIE and join me in the quest to ditch the baby cereal and make breastfeeding and weaning a good start in life for our little ones!

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Does any of the below relate to you?

  • I am stressed out with weaning my baby, she doesn't eat much
  • Don't know what to cook anymore
  • I must be doing something wrong
  • Why is she throwing the food on the floor?

Join me while we try to find answers to these questions and get a FREE weaning success checklist, with 5 easy steps you can implement with your little one right now!