How I got my kids to try food – part 3

Read the Introduction and Part 2 of this series here.  Stories     One of the thoughts that also kept popping in my head during those times was   “they aren’t going to eat it cause they didn’t eat it last time”.   Imagine you’re learning to drive and during your first practical lesson you can’t start your engine right, your engine dies during a maneuver or you miss a gear when switching.   If you thought “hey, I’m not going to do this again cause I failed last time” it would be kind of crazy to believe anyone could … Read more

How I got my kids to try food – part 2

If you ended up on this page first, read the Introduction first.   Mindset   To start off this series of posts, I want to talk about mindset.   It’s not something people really talk about when it comes to feeding kids, because let’s face it. Who has time to think about the deep stuff? You just put the plate on the table and they eat. Done. Easy peasy.   Well, if it was that easy, you probably wouldn’t read this text right now.   Mindset (my thoughts and beliefs) was a big hurdle for me. It was the roadblock … Read more

The complete guide to how to get your child to eat any food

Alternative titles for this blog posts series were:   How I got my kids to become confident eaters (they’re not there yet) How I got my kids to eat broccoli (but it also applies to other foods too, so I dropped that title, even though I am going to address broccoli later on) How I got my kids to try new foods (but then again, every day seemed like food was new to them, so that didn’t really sound right – make sure to read the part about Stories later on) How I got my kids to enjoy any food … Read more

3 ingredient yogurt cake (suitable from 6 months+)

yogurt cake with 3 ingredients

Read on if you want to find out what you can make with that half of huge yogurt pot sitting in the fridge, waiting for better days, all lonely and forgotten. Or waiting to be turned into a yogurt cake.   This is a recipe from my 3 ingredients ecookbook which you can purchase here, or by clicking the image below to read more info about it.     Don’t get me wrong, I love yogurt. In fact, I don’t think I’m having enough of it, leaving the kids to enjoy it in various combos and me just chilling with … Read more

Veggie fritters – baby&toddler friendly finger food

A batch of vegetable fritters, great finger food for kids

Here’s the secret to any veggie fritter recipe, so that in the future you will remember this one without coming back to read through all the way to the recipe card. Fritter batter is the same as pancake batter, but without the fat. (And talking about pancakes, I do have a delicious apple & banana pancakes recipe and 12 more pancake recipes for you to try. Or a 3 ingredient pancakes recipe for the fluffiest pancakes ever.) So, technically, if you already know a pancake (not crepe) recipe, then just leave the fat out of it (butter or oil, if … Read more

50 lunchbox ideas that are not sandwiches (toddler and kid friendly)

With my 3 year old soon to start pre-school, yours truly has started to research some lunchbox ideas that she can take to nursery, just in case she isn’t offered a meal there (we’re not sure about that yet). So this is a collection of lunchbox recipes I’ve gathered over time and I thought it might be useful for some of you reading my blog or coming over from Pinterest. These lunchbox ideas list might be for you if: your little one is just starting nursery or pre-school and the thought of sending her off with a packed lunch that … Read more