You wish you could make bread at home, but you're scared to start.

You know bread needs yeast, flour and water, but somehow it all sounds too complicated.

Learn to bake 10 basic breads over the weekend.

The one ratio you need to remember is 5:3 flour to liquid.

This ratio forms the base for all the bread recipes out there. 

Of course, people play with quantities and ingredients to make it sound complicated, but it really isn’t.

I think that right now, you can go in the kitchen and mix flour, water, yeast and salt and create a beautiful loaf from scratch. 

Even without a fancy stand mixer and a proofing basket. Say whaaat?

I’ve written Basic Breads because I want all the busy moms to know bread isn’t the hardest thing to make in the kitchen. And I’m tired of seeing 100s of cookbooks out there trying to pretend bread baking is an art.

Enjoying a basic loaf shouldn’t involve taking baking classes or spending time learning about the fancy flours on the supermarket shelf.

You’re too busy to become an artizan baker. You’re a mom with little time on her hands and at this moment in your life, yeast is your best bet.

I think Basic Breads is the only thing you need when you’re just starting out.







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