Find out all the ways in which you can cook broccoli for your little one, without repeating yourself for a year.

Get access to the cooking system that ensures I get varied and tasty meals that happen to be made with broccoli.🤯

Hint: they're 37 ways to put broccoli on a plate.

In Mommy's Broccoli Cheatsheet you'll find out...

  • the 37 ways you can serve broccoli to your little one
  • the 3 types of ingredients you need to have around in order to balance broccoli’s bitterness and make it taste good in the mouth
  • the Broccoli Tree graph that helps me vary my broccoli meals and gets me out of my food rut
  • And much more…
Yes, that's me. I never get a photo by myself these days🤷🏻‍♀️

But who am I?

Hi! My name is Ioana and I am mom to two blondies who don’t like broccoli (or veg) very much.

So the need pushed me to come up with various ways to cook the Green Eyed Monster so that the two of them get exposed to as many textures, tastes, sizes and shapes as possible.

I honestly believe if you put in the effort, there is nothing your kids won’t enjoy eating. In time. 

Unfortunately, the Internet makes you believe picky eating is only curable through shortcuts and speedy tactics.

But I’d rather go down the food path. Start with you, the parent, and what you put on the table in front of them. The rest will follow.