Easy sweetcorn fritters (from 6 months+)

easy to make 3 ingredients sweetcorn fritters for babies, toddlers and older kids, on a plate against a grey background

Everybody likes a good finger food recipe and these sweetcorn fritters are a great way to get your little one used to veggies that otherwise he might not be as keen to try. Be sure to read all the way to the end, as I have a little time-saving trick for you to try. Nobody likes to sit near a frying pan for too long, right? The other thing about these is that they are only 3 ingredients fritters, so need to rush to the supermarket to grab a last minute item. The batter itself is pretty straightforward, and I … Read more

Kid friendly brownie (from 6 months+)

Did you know brownies are actually part of the cookie family and not the cake family? Yes, they are bar cookies, the type you bake in a tin and slice into bars of various sizes and/or shapes. I was a bit taken aback by this, to be honest. When I eat one, I don’t think of it as a cookie, cause the shape and texture are totally different to a chocolate chip cookie for example. But I digress. I think brownies are one of those bakes that have been constantly re-invented to suit younger palates and little fingers from 6 … Read more

Basic muffins recipe (from 6 months+)

I like writing about basic recipes, you know the type, which you can customize and adapt as you see fit (or as your toddler sees fit, whichever is less stressful). Like in the basic waffle recipe, this muffins recipe is suitable for little hands from the moment you introduce solids, up to pre-school lunchboxes and beyond. I came across it in a baking book by James Morton, which talks about how baking works and lays the basics for every baked good you can think of. He gives variation ideas too, and in one of them he had reduced the sugar … Read more

Basic waffles recipe (from 6 months+)

easy waffle recipe

Making waffles at home when you have kids can turn into a weekend deja-vu quite fast. Who doesn’t like waffles, I mean? They’re easy to make, freeze well and infinitely adaptable. They’re up there with pancakes, in fact. When cook’s block strikes, they save the day, whether savoury or sweet. If you have a basic waffles recipe, that is. There are many resources out there who promise you the best results, however I find that with waffles it is better to have the basic quantities nailed down and work your way from there. That way, your deja-vus will be far … Read more

Easy baby-friendly scones

easy scones recipe with blueberries

Some things in life are useful to know, especially when faced with on-the-edge situations. For example, knowing how to swim. I don’t know how to, nobody taught me and I hope to God I won’t be in the position to need this skill. Unlike swimming, I recently learned a easy scones recipe that uses only 3 basic ingredients and is easily adaptable to whatever you have on hand, provided you stick to the foundation ratio of 3-1-2. In sticky situations like “what-do-I-make-for-breakfast-that-doesn’t-take-ages”, scones are the easy way out. For more 3 ingredient recipes, I have gathered 30+ in a collection … Read more

Spiced winter biscuits (with a secret ingredient)

Spiced winter biscuits a baby friendly alternative to gingerbread

This biscuit recipe rose from a love-hate relationship with gingerbread.   I would love to say it wasn’t so, that I had it passed on from my grandmother’s recipe book or that I came across it by asking a restaurant (!!!) to share it with me, but it is not the case.       It is a mashup of various Google results of the term “baby friendly gingerbread”.   I love the taste of gingerbread, but I hate the fact that, even though labelled as such, most of the recipes that have the “baby-friendly” adjective attached to them have, … Read more