Kid friendly brownie (from 6 months+)

Did you know brownies are actually part of the cookie family and not the cake family? Yes, they are bar cookies, the type you bake in a tin and slice into bars of various sizes and/or shapes. I was a bit taken aback by this, to be honest. When I eat one, I don’t think … Read more

Basic muffins recipe (from 6 months+)

I like writing about basic recipes, you know the type, which you can customize and adapt as you see fit (or as your toddler sees fit, whichever is less stressful). Like in the basic waffle recipe, this muffins recipe is suitable for little hands from the moment you introduce solids, up to pre-school lunchboxes and … Read more

Basic waffles recipe (from 6 months+)

easy waffle recipe

Making waffles at home when you have kids can turn into a weekend deja-vu quite fast. Who doesn’t like waffles, I mean? They’re easy to make, freeze well and infinitely adaptable. They’re up there with pancakes, in fact. When cook’s block strikes, they save the day, whether savoury or sweet. If you have a basic … Read more

Easy baby-friendly scones

easy scones recipe with blueberries

Some things in life are useful to know, especially when faced with on-the-edge situations. For example, knowing how to swim. I don’t know how to, nobody taught me and I hope to God I won’t be in the position to need this skill. Unlike swimming, I recently learned a easy scones recipe that uses only … Read more