Banana and apple baby pancakes (for baby led weaning and finger foods)

apple and banana pancakes

I am guilty of eating these banana and apple pancakes alongside my baby (now toddler). And no wonder. They taste so sweet, you wouldn’t say they have no sugar. Or that they are baby food (whatever that means?!). The sweeter the apple and banana, the sweeter the end result. [This post contains affiliate links, meaning I will earn a small commission if you make a purchase as a result of you clicking over.] What you will need for this baby pancakes recipe is a grater and a non-stick pan. Time to invest in these things if you haven’t already. You’ll … Read more

14 Healthy Smash Cake Recipes for Your Little One’s Birthday [no sugar added]

Read on if you want to find out how to make a healthy no fluff, no nasties, no sugar smash cake for your baby’s 1st birthday, your toddler’s 2nd birthday or any special event involving cake for little ones [yey for partyyyy!]. I even include a recipe of mine at the end. Squeeee! This post contains affiliate links, at no cost to you, meaning I get a small commission if you purchase through my link. What is it with smash cakes and the need for sugar? Cakes can be edible (I’m not saying sugar-craving satisfiers) even without the all-mighty sugar, … Read more

Bread and butter pudding (baby friendly)

Now this is a proper English breakfast (or dessert): a no-sugar bread and butter pudding, perfect for little ones to eat, even if they don’t have any teeth (check out what other 125 foods they can eat).   If my last recipes involved some type of French cooking (whether it’s a galette, or a clafoutis), then this one is truly British.   No, it’s not the bread that makes it so, but the milk, cream and egg mixture that holds everything together. It is also known by the name of custard. And it’s one of the greatest things on Earth. … Read more

Blueberry galette – a baby led weaning recipe

blueberry galette

I love how the French take something simple like a blueberry pie and turn it into a blueberry galette, which looks so rustic, yet so delicious. And you know it’s going to taste good, even before you take a bite. The blueberries on top can be easily replaced with other berries of your fancy (or others, like peach, rhubarb, plums etc) and the dough is slightly crumbly, but manageable by tiny hands. It’s a type of shortcrust pastry, if you wish, so feel free to adapt the recipe if you have a shortcrust combination of ingredients that works for you. This recipe … Read more

12 ways to vary baby led weaning pancakes – sweet and savoury recipes

Little ones can never say no to any baby pancakes. Like never.   Give them bread, give them muffins, give them all kinds of baked foods that look like bread and you’ll be fine.   Especially give them pancakes. PIN IT FOR LATER     I know there’s the two ingredient pancake recipe floating around the internet like crazy, but I heard that parents have trouble with that simple recipe as well. How big should the banana be? Is that half a banana to one egg or 1:1? What do I do if baby has an egg allergy, how do … Read more

18 baby led weaning muffins recipes

baby led weaning muffins recipes baby muffins baby led weaning first foods finger foods

Muffins are probably the easiest way to start introducing solids to your little one, while incorporating most if not all food groups in one go.   Muffins are also great for babies with no teeth, since they are soft, easy to munch at and usually big enough for them to grab in the beginning, making them the ideal food for baby led weaning.   You can also incorporate all kinds of ingredients, make them sweet or savoury, and can satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.   They’re great for lunchboxes, picnics and going out with your baby.   PIN IT … Read more