7 Instagram accounts which make cooking for your kids easier

I was in the Instagram game for quite a lot of time and managed to increase my follower count to… …a little over 2,700. (I think you were expecting more than that.) The truth is… I gave up on Instagram because the food niche is just so competitive and I don’t have the passion or the time to invest in it anymore. Now, when it comes to baby led weaning Instagram accounts… well… they’re a lot. And that just to put it nicely. If you search, just the baby led weaning hashtag returns over 1 million results. So it’s a … Read more

Easy sweetcorn fritters (from 6 months+)

easy to make 3 ingredients sweetcorn fritters for babies, toddlers and older kids, on a plate against a grey background

Everybody likes a good finger food recipe and these sweetcorn fritters are a great way to get your little one used to veggies that otherwise he might not be as keen to try. Be sure to read all the way to the end, as I have a little time-saving trick for you to try. Nobody likes to sit near a frying pan for too long, right? The other thing about these is that they are only 3 ingredients fritters, so need to rush to the supermarket to grab a last minute item. The batter itself is pretty straightforward, and I … Read more

Basic muffins recipe (from 6 months+)

I like writing about basic recipes, you know the type, which you can customize and adapt as you see fit (or as your toddler sees fit, whichever is less stressful). Like in the basic waffle recipe, this muffins recipe is suitable for little hands from the moment you introduce solids, up to pre-school lunchboxes and beyond. I came across it in a baking book by James Morton, which talks about how baking works and lays the basics for every baked good you can think of. He gives variation ideas too, and in one of them he had reduced the sugar … Read more

Spiced winter biscuits (with a secret ingredient)

Spiced winter biscuits a baby friendly alternative to gingerbread

This biscuit recipe rose from a love-hate relationship with gingerbread.   I would love to say it wasn’t so, that I had it passed on from my grandmother’s recipe book or that I came across it by asking a restaurant (!!!) to share it with me, but it is not the case.       It is a mashup of various Google results of the term “baby friendly gingerbread”.   I love the taste of gingerbread, but I hate the fact that, even though labelled as such, most of the recipes that have the “baby-friendly” adjective attached to them have, … Read more

The complete guide to how to get your child to eat any food

Alternative titles for this blog posts series were:   How I got my kids to become confident eaters (they’re not there yet) How I got my kids to eat broccoli (but it also applies to other foods too, so I dropped that title, even though I am going to address broccoli later on) How I got my kids to try new foods (but then again, every day seemed like food was new to them, so that didn’t really sound right – make sure to read the part about Stories later on) How I got my kids to enjoy any food … Read more

3 ingredient yogurt cake (suitable from 6 months+)

yogurt cake with 3 ingredients

Read on if you want to find out what you can make with that half of huge yogurt pot sitting in the fridge, waiting for better days, all lonely and forgotten. Or waiting to be turned into a yogurt cake.   This is a recipe from my 3 ingredients ecookbook which you can purchase here, or by clicking the image below to read more info about it.     Don’t get me wrong, I love yogurt. In fact, I don’t think I’m having enough of it, leaving the kids to enjoy it in various combos and me just chilling with … Read more