The complete guide to how to get your child to eat any food

Alternative titles for this blog posts series were:   How I got my kids to become confident eaters (they’re not there yet) How I got my kids to eat broccoli (but it also applies to other foods too, so I dropped that title, even though I am going to address broccoli later on) How I got my kids to try new foods (but then again, every day seemed like food was new to them, so that didn’t really sound right – make sure to read the part about Stories later on) How I got my kids to enjoy any food … Read more

26 children gift ideas for picky eaters (and not only)

foodie gift guide for picky eaters

  I believe picky eaters are made, not born, and my post on 33 tips you can use to prevent such behaviour might be of help.   But if you already find yourself in the position to deal with a fussy eater, then the following children gift ideas will help you:   make meals fun involve the little ones in the kitchen get them to stop the fussy eating by appealing to their sense of wonder   There are gifts for boys and girls alike, for baby led weaning and traditional weaning, for the young and for older kids as … Read more

How to choose the best highchair

best highchair for baby led weaning

Oh, the highchair: that first purchase that really matters when it comes to weaning. It is the place where your baby will spend quite a lot of time after 6 months of age until around…. well, until he figures out how to jump out of it I guess! It’s kind of like baby’s ‘first car’, that first purchase that gives him an identity, that he can ‘use’ to see the world differently and from another level. This post contains affiliate links, at no cost to you, meaning I get a small commission if you purchase through my link. We were … Read more

How to teach baby to drink from a cup

how to teach baby to drink water from a cup

Read on if you want to know which cup we decided it was the best for our baby, when to offer water and how to teach a baby to drink water from a cup in 4 easy steps that worked for us! Hopefully they will work for you too!   [Do not offer water to baby before 6 months if you’re breastfeeding, not even in hot weather. Breast milk alone offers enough hydration (and boosts immunity as well!) being made up of 80% water.]     One of the things that I constantly read about on the Facebook weaning groups … Read more

How to improve baby’s pincer grasp

baby pincer grasp

Read on if you want to find out what a pincer grasp is, the age when you should look for it in a baby’s development journey, why is the pincer grasp important when introducing solids and how you can improve it using baby’s best friends: toys.   As adults, we do a lot of things with our hands: we eat, we write, we wave, we shake hands, we hug, we carry, we hold, we point, we juggle, we tickle, we touch, we gesticulate, we push, just to name a few.   But did you ever think how does one acquire … Read more

10 moms share their baby led weaning journeys

In the first part of this three part series I talked about the top 10 reasons why you would even think about sharing your baby led weaning experience with others via 2 social media platforms or blogging.   Today, you will read how 10 moms handled baby led weaning, with the best parts, the bad parts and the messy parts. And all of them share their journeys online as well, in one form or another.   Let’s dive in. Power to the mammas!   Read part I : 10 reasons why you should share your baby led weaning journey on … Read more