10 reasons to share your baby led weaning experience and 3 cool ways to do it

If you’re anything like me, whenever I cook something for my little one and it is a success (in the sense that it gets eaten), my first instinct is to tell someone. And in most of the cases I take a photo and/or write a short sentence.   Sharing has never been easier nowadays. You’re 140 characters away from the whole world (Twitter) or one post away from your 338 friends and acquaintances (Facebook, an estimated average) or your 194 Instagram followers (again, on average).   Since the term baby led weaning came to be 10 years ago, things have … Read more

Picky eating: 33 Powerful Tips To End Fussy Eating For Good

Read on if you want to know why hiding food is bad, why you should give up praising your child when it comes to food, what you can do to stop picky eating and how to make your little one feel comfortable around any type of food.   Do you know how I call a child who has learned how to say ‘no’?   In the baby led weaning world, I call him a picky eater. Or a fussy eater in more gentle circles.   Babies are cool; they are usually exempt from this term. The reasons they are not … Read more

5 foods that you should stop giving your baby

This post that you’re about to read will probably stir something inside.   You will either agree with it and start changing your little one’s diet or you will totally rebel against it and conclude that everyone has something against some food or other these days.       Anyways, regardless of your final decision, I wanted to share with you some findings of mine related to some of the popular foods given in the weaning process, which are at the same time foods to avoid giving to baby.     They are mainly trendy foods, like smoothies, chia puddings, … Read more

125 first foods for babies with no teeth

125 first foods for babies with no teeth

Can you imagine eating food without any teeth? Just with your gums alone? I surely find it hard to picture, but we were once like our little ones. Toothless, like a 100 year old grandma. Luckily, there are first foods for babies with no teeth. And I found 125 of them for you to read about.   PIN IT FOR LATER   The original article was written back in 2018. This is a 2021 updated version. Since then, I have re-written and updated this post to reflect the changes I have gone through when it came to my own beliefs/thoughts … Read more

10 reasons why your baby is not eating solids

reasons baby is not eating solids

So you’ve read the theory, bought the highchair, the bibs, the cutlery, the plates and the water cup. You’ve gone through my posts on the 3 signs that tell you baby is ready for solids, on how to choose the best highchair, on how to teach baby to drink from a cup and even how to spice things up when he can’t have salt in his food.   Yet… you face that little munchkin, put the plate in front of him and… there goes the biggest of cries.   And you’re seconds away from crying yourself. After all that effort … Read more

Best items for baby weaning to buy this Christmas

Baby gift guide with a twist - this Christmas gift guide is different

Oh, December! Yey for Christmas, family and days off! And a crazy gift guide. Exciting week in our household this week. Just found out I am expecting another little troublemaker next year. So I need to get my thing together, grow up already and be a responsible parent to these (soon to be two) kids of mine! Or just chill and take it one day at a time like I do now. This post contains affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. Read more on my disclosure page. December is the time when people start fretting about what to … Read more