How I turned first foods into simple foods

I remember very clearly how our weaning journey began. I stupidly thought that after 6 months all breastfeeding would stop and baby will eat only food for the rest of her life.


I also thought feeding her carrot puree was the way to go and it was as nutritious as a meal could ever be.


I was so ignorant.


Not only did I not read any information about starting solids (other than a leaflet received from I don’t know where, which only had recipes for purees made out of fruits and veggies), but I was also starting my baby on the wrong path from the get go.


Fast forward 15 months and now first foods seem like business as usual. Being pregnant, not much milk left in the pipes, and my toddler had to learn how to eat proper food and realise that this is what keeps the tummy full now, not milk.


But I went through various stages of stress on our way here.


Parents and grandparents sharing their views on proper foods for babies.


Then finding out about the baby led weaning concept and all the Facebook groups (one of which even looks like a battle ground whenever there’s a controversy going on).


Then discovering Pinterest and Instagram accounts that looked all pretty and nice (hats off for moms who can still do that and run a household).


This was probably the last drop for me: seeing how others find everything so easy, while I was struggling to figure out what to feed my baby.


Until I decided to get back to simple, easy and quick food. No more trying to impress the Grand Baby Jury or any Instagram followers. I just didn’t have time for that.


I started to follow a simple framework that is based on simple principles and work my way up from there.


And I figured out what are the top first foods that I can tweak over and over again and make sure I am offering my little one a nutritious and balanced meal.


If you want to join me and discover which foods are these and how you can adapt them to any situation, then I want to invite you to the FREE First Foods Mini-Course today. 


It’s the course that I wish I had gone through when I started.


Yes, I wanna join!

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