Learn to cook everything

I’m a mom passionate about cooking, cookbooks, cooking shows and everything related to handling food and making it taste great for the littlest of tastebuds.

It’s my refuge, the place where I can play with ingredients and make something edible from raw ingredients.

Last year, I decided to start a journey of discovering more about how to cook everything, expand my knowledge of foods and how to combine them, how to season without using salt or replace sugar in classic recipes.

At some point, I had the idea of cooking without recipes, but I realised that is not possible at my current stage.

I’m biased to bake all the time, but I’m trying to also diversify other dishes as much as I can and avoid the food ruts. Don’t get me wrong, we still eat the usual foods that my kids love like pasta or pizza, but every time I challenge myself to be better.

To change one thing. To make the dish taste differently. To try a different variation than the last time.

Female hands holding kitchen tools, sieve, rolling pin, bowl, sieve, brush, whisk, spatula for baking and cooking over pastel blue background. Food frame, bake concept with copy space.

So far, I have documented most of my journey on my Instagram account, sharing bits and pieces and cooking along with the small community there, through Stories and feed posts.

This is the hub where I centralise every blog post related to this topic, for those of you who, like me, want to go deeper.

So feel free to browse these articles, these snippets of this HUGE field that is food and the things we eat.

My first post of this type is How to cook broccoli for your baby, toddler or older child. I should have even written “the whole family” because I strongly believe in serving the same food as our children. Even if we add salt to our plate afterwards.

I will keep this page updated throughout the weeks and months to come.

Thanks for reading and happy cooking!