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I want you to have the confidence of cooking broccoli from scratch, with enough variety, and make it taste good with ingredients that you have in your house.

I used to be that mom that was always looking for ways to cook broccoli for the kids so that they would at least give it a try.

But then I realised I was coming across the same ideas and dishes everywhere.

And that’s when I realised that was it: nothing new to discover.

Cooking broccoli from scratch drills down to a couple of steps:

  1. choose and prep your broccoli
  2. choose your cooking technique
  3. pair it with other ingredients to make it taste good
  4. make use of leftovers (if any).

The Broccoli Cheatsheet waiting for you in your inbox will show you WHAT are all the ways in which you can serve broccoli, but this Guide takes your hand and shows you HOW to make everything there work for you and HOW to combine broccoli with other foods successfully, without thinking if they work well or not.

It shows you HOW to cook broccoli without losing nutrients and vitamins and HOW to make the most of it with LESS waste.

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Here’s what’s inside

  • Mommy’s Little Broccoli Guide (70-pages ebook)
  • BONUS: How to serve broccoli raw
  • BONUS: How to make the most out of leftovers
  • BONUS: Ingredients that work well with broccoli, that improve its taste and aroma
  • Meal Ideas Generator – 50 ideas to end the food rut (20 page e-book to help when you just don’t know what to cook anymore)

This is your opportunity to grab everything above for just $14. Everything instantly downloadable and printable so that you can keep them in your kitchen and start reading in maximum 3 minutes.

If it doesn’t work out for you, I’ll refund your purchase and no questions asked.

Let’s make cooking broccoli great again.

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