How to improve baby’s pincer grasp

baby pincer grasp

Read on if you want to find out what a pincer grasp is, the age when you should look for it in a baby’s development journey, why is the pincer grasp important when introducing solids and how you can improve it using baby’s best friends: toys.   As adults, we do a lot of things with our hands: we eat, we write, we wave, we shake hands, we hug, we carry, we hold, we point, we juggle, we tickle, we touch, we gesticulate, we push, just to name a few.   But did you ever think how does one acquire … Read more

10 reasons to share your baby led weaning experience and 3 cool ways to do it

If you’re anything like me, whenever I cook something for my little one and it is a success (in the sense that it gets eaten), my first instinct is to tell someone. And in most of the cases I take a photo and/or write a short sentence.   Sharing has never been easier nowadays. You’re 140 characters away from the whole world (Twitter) or one post away from your 338 friends and acquaintances (Facebook, an estimated average) or your 194 Instagram followers (again, on average).   Since the term baby led weaning came to be 10 years ago, things have … Read more

18 baby led weaning muffins recipes

baby led weaning muffins recipes baby muffins baby led weaning first foods finger foods

Muffins are probably the easiest way to start introducing solids to your little one, while incorporating most if not all food groups in one go.   Muffins are also great for babies with no teeth, since they are soft, easy to munch at and usually big enough for them to grab in the beginning, making them the ideal food for baby led weaning.   You can also incorporate all kinds of ingredients, make them sweet or savoury, and can satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.   They’re great for lunchboxes, picnics and going out with your baby.   PIN IT … Read more

5 foods that you should stop giving your baby

This post that you’re about to read will probably stir something inside.   You will either agree with it and start changing your little one’s diet or you will totally rebel against it and conclude that everyone has something against some food or other these days.       Anyways, regardless of your final decision, I wanted to share with you some findings of mine related to some of the popular foods given in the weaning process, which are at the same time foods to avoid giving to baby.     They are mainly trendy foods, like smoothies, chia puddings, … Read more

30+ baby led weaning breakfast recipes

baby led weaning breakfast recipes for introducing solids 6 months+ baby breakfast ideas

Do you often wake up in the morning wishing you knew what to give your little one for breakfast?   I know I do.   There are evenings when I do not wish to cook for next mornings, afternoons when I just want to lounge and do nothing, nights when someone needs to take a bath, and so on.   So breakfast for me sometimes means food on the fast lane. What can I possibly give her that is fulfilling, not too hard to make and eventually doesn’t mean a trip to the supermarket at 8 a.m.?   These recipes … Read more

Apple and pear clafoutis (a BLW recipe)

apple and pear clafoutis - baby friendly recipe

Clafoutis is basically the French term for a thin sponge cake, similar to a waffle in consistency or a thicker pancake, if you wish. The French make it sound so posh, n’est-ce pas? It involves some fruit, whichever is in season, on top of which you pour a thick batter and which gets baked in a butter lined pan, form or oven-proof dish. It couldn’t be any simpler than that. But the French word sometimes puts people off, imagining it’s some sort of fancy dessert only reserved for the royals. Now, some recipes involve also a third step: covering with … Read more