Done! Get ready to find out what food your kid loves most as soon as your freebie lands in your inbox in the next 2 minutes. But...

If you want to go beyond the 5 foods that you’ll learn about and have even more ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, then keep scrolling…

Introducing The Badass Cook’s Bundle for people who take action (yey, that’s you!) and took time to invest in their little one’s food menu, even if it’s downloading a small PDF from a random stranger on the Internet whom you’ve never heard of before today.


And that’s cool… I might be a stranger to you, but I want to help.


So I’ve put together this limited time offer to encourage and give you a head start when cooking, with recipes that:


  • don’t take the whole afternoon and then some more
  • don’t require ingredients out of this world that eventually you haven’t heard of before today
  • are great to have especially with a picky eater – he won’t know what’s coming.

$20.90 $8.90

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You’re getting:


  • 25 Recipes Little Ones Can’t Say No To
  • 3 Ingredients – 29 Simple Recipes For Little Ones

so that…

  • mealtimes don’t look like a McDonald’s menu for kids 
  • you have time for a shower and a date night in the SAME evening
  • your baby or toddler will lick the highchair after you take the plate away