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Hi, I’m Jo, mother to two under 2 and stay at home mom obsessed with food labels and baby nutrition. 

Each day is a struggle when it comes to weaning, that’s why I decided to start this blog. To help you on your journey with tips, tricks, advice and kid-friendly recipes, so that you find this journey smoother. 

I answer all emails personally, don’t have an assistant or a nanny and I work on this blog everyday to make it better and better. For you.

Need a step by step food framework that can help you with introducing solids?

First foods bootcamp

Weaningful's first online course, specifically created for overwhelmed parents, either at the beginning of their weaning journey or who just struggle with introducing first foods to their little ones.

5 modules, mostly video based, created around the when, the what and the how. Showing you step by step how to introduce first foods safely and successfully, while giving your little one a healthy and balanced meal every time.